The (I)nfluence Personality Style, Explained

I-styles are typically the most outgoing, energetic and sociable of the four DISC styles. The I-style enjoys being the center of attention and loves interacting and meeting new people. I-styles like to focus on the big picture and prefer to spend time collaborating with others. I-styles are friendly, enthusiastic and animated They are also optimistic, positive and good at influencing others. I’s thrive on approval and are motivated by recognition. You could say that the I-styles motto is: “I’m a nice person! Everyone should like me!”

How I-Styles work with others

I-styles communicate with confidence and are likely to interact positively in whatever situation they find themselves in I’s love to talk …about anything and everything… but not necessarily about the details. I-styles prefer to avoid unpleasant subjects and will try to steer clear of anything that might make them looking bad. The I-styles favorite question is “Who?”… such as “Who’s going to be at the meeting?” and “Who’s in this with me?”

How I-Styles make decisions

I-styles tend to make relatively quick decisions. I’s often rely on their gut feeling and might not take enough time to think through a problem before they come to a conclusion. The I-style always keeps others in mind, and tries to make “popular” choices. High I-styles are also extremely optimistic about the outcomes of any of their decisions.

How I-Styles act under pressure

Under pressure, I-styles can appear disorganised because they focus so much on maintaining relationships that they overlook the details and deadlines for a project. When they are nervous, I’s can become overly talkative and emotional. The I-style might also over-promise because they are so optimistic and eager to be liked. because of this, some may perceive the I-style as somewhat careless and impulsive.

How I-Styles succeed

I-styles achieve success by tapping in to their positive, energetic and enthusiastic behaviour. The I-style brings openness, generates discussion and new ideas to move forward. I’s connect people and help create an enjoyable and positive atmosphere. I-styles get others involved and excited to reach their goals.

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