The DISC Flow Core Report

The Flow® CORE Report is the end result of a highly validated online assessment.

It provides a wealth of insight to help you develop your growing potential, and an opportunity to add structure to your pursuit of a better you.

DISC is a highly precise tool used to identify your behavioral and communication styles

It shows how you classify among four equally valuable styles of behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Each style comes with strengths and limitations, and a DISC assessment reveals how strongly you tend towards each of them.

Your Flow® CORE Report visualizes these leanings, and provides detailed explanations for how each factor corresponds with your traits, habits, and demeanor.

Your Flow® CORE Report also gives insight into your emotional intelligence: how well you experience, recognize, and manage your emotions.

Self-awareness is the process of understanding yourself, how you feel, and how your feelings impact your behavior and performance.

Awareness of others is the ability to understand and respond to the needs of others. It’s a major component of empathy and “people skills”.

All told, your Flow® CORE Report shows you a number of vital findings and suggestions.

PROMINENT BEHAVIORS - The habits you keep that impact your work in a big way.

STRENGTHS AND LIMITATIONS - The points where you excel, and your points for improvement.

COMMUNICATION STYLE - How you voice your ideas.

PREFERRED WORK ENVIRONMENT - The conditions where you thrive.

EI RESULTS - Your levels of self-awareness and awareness of others.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TIPS - Helpful pointers to bring out the best in yourself.

It also covers many other factors, like your value in a team setting, your conflict resolution skills, and your potential stressors and motivators.

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